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A Project That Spans Two Centuries: Get the Whole Nation Involved

2004-03-27 16:22:00 COC Website

    It goes without saying that such a gigantic project calls for elaborate methods of implementation. A central leading group, which assumes supreme command over the Programme, has been formed by representatives of various government departments, including the State Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (now State Sport General Administration), as well as noted scholars, social activists and entrepreneurs, with leaders of the state at the helm. Similar leading groups have also been set up at local levels throughout the country.

    To ensure the implementation of the Programme, it is necessary to establish a sound legal system for the promotion of mass sports. The long-awaited Sports Law was adopted by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on August 29, 1995. A National Fitness Week, similar to the sports festival of some other countries, was inaugurated as an annual event to be staged at the best time of the year for promoting mass sports. A system of national fitness assessment has been formulated, so that a nationwide assessment can be made once every four years.

    A set of standards for testing and evaluating fitness levels according to Chinese conditions have been worked out for adults, youth and children. Those who have reached the required standards will be awarded certificates and medals by the state and enjoy preferential treatment when they seek employment, apply to enter schools of higher grades, and so on.

    To get the entire nation involved in the Programme, it is also necessary to discover and put in order various kinds of folk games and sports which suit people of different sexes, ages, professions and physical conditions, and which are easy to popularize. These refer mainly to our national and traditional therapeutic sports, health-keeping regimens and recuperative exercises, as well as popular sports items contested or exhibited at national traditional festivals or during holidays. Starting from 1995, hundreds of such fitness items have been introduced to the public, so that individual can make his/her own choice for physical training.

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