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An outline of NFP: Implementation by Stages

2005-06-08 17:29:00 COC Website

    5. Implementation by Stages

    Y) Based on the overall planning, this Outline is to be implemented by stages. The years leading up to 2010 will be divided into two periods.

    The first period, from 1995 to 2000, is further divided into three stages: Stage 1 (1995-1996) is devoted to publicity, mobilization and reform experiment, which will unfold a vigourous mass campaign for fitness building activities; Stage 2 (1997-1998), in which the National Fitness Programme will be carried out in selected areas and progressively pushed further ahead, to create a social atmosphere where involvement in fitness-building activities is advocated; Stage 3 (1999-2000), in which all the work envisaged by the National Fitness Programme will be fully and fruitfully carried out and a basic framework will be built for a national fitness system with Chinese characteristics.

    The second period will last from 2001 to 2010. Through 10 years' effort a new level will be reached in national fitness building and a national fitness system with Chinese characteristics will be basically established.

    Z) This Outline will be promoted by the State Physical Culture and Sports Commission, jointly with other departments and various mass organizations and social groups, under the guidance of the State Council. The State Physical Culture and Sports Commission will be responsible for organizing the enforcement of this Outline.

    Local people's governments and their sports administrative departments at various levels should make their own programmes and implementation plans in accordance with their specific conditions. The appropriate programmes and implementation plans should be made by various departments and systems as well.

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army and people's armed police units may, with reference to the requirements of this Outline, put it into effect by taking account of their own circumstances. 

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