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An outline of NFP: Measures to Be Taken

2005-06-08 17:28:00 COC Website

    4. Measures to Be Taken

    P) Implementation of the National Fitness Programme should be brought into line with the overall plan of national economic and social development. The principle of balanced development of sport for all and elite sport must be adhered to, with emphasis on the general improvement of the people's physique. Remarkable success should be achieved through strengthened leadership and overall planning.

    Q) Publicity work needs to be intensified to create a favourable public opinion for national fitness building and enhance the entire people's sports and fitness consciousness and arouse greater attention to the work of improving national fitness. The whole society must understand that physical qualities form the material basis of ideological and moral attributes and scientific and cultural attainments as well, and that national fitness undertakings constitute an important part of socialist material, cultural and ethical progress and that the level of sporting development is a major sign of social progress and human civilization.

    R) Legal institutions in relation to sport for all must be strengthened. Existing laws and regulations governing sports should be seriously enforced. Legal systems should be set up and put into operation in a planned way, in such areas as social sports supervision and guidance, sport for all undertakings, sport for all organizations, and management of sporting facilities.

    Competition systems for sport for all should be perfected by degrees. Improvements should be made in organizing and managing sport meets of various kinds among the workers, farmers, minorities, disabled, and students. Prominence should be given to the sport meets and competitions with mass participation, health-oriented, national, fun-making or scientific features.

    S) The important role of the various mass organizations and social groups in carrying out mass sporting activities should be brought into full play. Sports associations and other sports organizations of various trades and systems should be set up and strengthened. A socialized network of national fitness organizations should be gradually established.

    T) Sports departments should allocate their funds in a better way by gradually increasing the proportion of expenditures for sport for all undertakings in their budgets. Enterprises, government-financed institutions, public organizations and individuals are encouraged to give financial support to sports and fitness-building activities. Household and individual are encouraged to make investments in fitness building activities, and the public should be guided to spend more money on sporting pursuits. The realm of sporting consumption should be broadened, and new markets should be explored in such categories as sports and fitness building, rehabilitation and recreation in keeping with our people's consumption level.

    U) A fitness testing system will be introduced, testing standards will be worked out, and the status of national fitness will be released regularly.

    "The Community Sports Instructors Technical Grading System" should be instituted, and the ranks of key members for promoting community sports should be expanded.

    V) Sports and fitness-building methods which are simple and easy to practise and suitable for people with different age, gender, occupation and physical condition should be popularized. Efforts should be made to unearth and systematize our country's valuable legacies in such fields as traditional sports medicine, health protection, and rehabilitation. National and traditional sports among the folks should be promoted.

    W) Scientific research and technological development for improving the people's physique and health should be strengthened. The role of sports-related scientific and technological workers should be brought into play. Sports research institutes and sports colleges and schools should lay emphasis on researches in sport for all and national fitness building. Funding on sport for all research should be increased. Application of the achievements in scientific research to the people's sporting and fitness-building practice should be speeded up.

    X) Construction of sports grounds and facilities should be included in urban and rural development programmes. Regulations about the quotas of land to be allotted to urban public sports facilities and about the sports grounds in schools by the state must be put into effect. No organization or individual is permitted to encroach upon the sports grounds and facilities or divert them to other purposes. All state-owned sports grounds and facilities should be open to the public. Management should be improved so as to raise the rate of their utilization, and facilitate the participation of senior citizens, children and disabled people in sporting and fitness-building activities.

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