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An outline of NFP: General Targets and Selected Groups

2005-06-08 17:27:00 COC Website

    3. General Targets and Selected Groups

    G) The National Fitness Programme is targeted on the whole nation, with emphasis on the young and children.

    The healthy growth of the young and children is important to the prosperity and strength of the nation, the whole society should be mobilized to pay attention to the physique and health of the young people and children. The Party's educational policy must be implemented in an all-round way at schools of all types and grades, and more efforts must be made in physical education at schools. Students should be taught to have a lifelong interest in sports, to develop a keen awareness as well as skills and habits of physical training. Experiments in PE tests in school entrance examinations should continuously conducted, steadily improved and popularized step by step. Schools for the blind, the mute and the mentally retarded should attach importance to sporting activities among their students. Conditions should be actively created to radically solve the problems such as the supply of PE teachers, funds and facilities for sporting activities in schools.

    H) Government organizations, enterprises and other institutions should intensify their efforts in the promotion of sports among the workers and employees. Sports and fitness-building activities with a variety of forms should be carried out in the light of local circumstances.

    I) Community sports should be actively promoted. Urban subdistrict offices should strengthen their organizational work of sports undertakings, and do well at community sports by giving play to the role of residents' committees and grass-roots sports organizations. Support and guidance should be given by sports administrative departments.

    J) Improving the farmers' physique and health condition is an important part of rural development. The role of villagers' committees and peasants' sports associations at various levels should be brought into full play, and rural sports undertakings should be run well in cooperation with local cultural centers. The appraisal and selection of advanced sports counties on a national scale should be continued to propel the rural sports forward.

    K) "Physical Training Standards for Armymen" should be implemented for the further development of army sports, the improvement of the armymen's physique, and the strengthening of army's fighting capacity as well. Key members should be trained for promoting sports in the army. While doing their best at their own sports undertakings, the army units should give active support and assistance to neighbouring civil communities in carrying out sporting activities.

    L) Sports should be actively promoted among the minorities. Sports and fitness-building activities should be extensively carried out in the minority regions, mainly on their traditional sports. Sports associations of various levels should be established or improved, and sports talents should be brought up among the minorities.

    M) Importance must be attached to the physique and health of women and senior citizens, whose participation in sports and fitness-building activities should be given energetic supports. Attention should be paid to promoting sports among those women workers and employees engaged in relatively high labour intensity work and/or those with less spare time. Scientific guidance over sports and fitness-building activities among senior citizens should be strengthened.

    N) Sports and fitness-building activities should be widely carried out among the disabled to improve their physical qualities and enhance their ability to eaqually participate in social activities. More training methods should be created for the disabled, and key members should be brought up among them to raise their sporting levels.

    O) Active measures should be taken to create the necessary conditions for sports training among the intellectuals. Training methods which are suitable for the characteristics of their occupations should be advocated and promoted. Importance should be attached to health check and fitness tests for the senior and intermediate intellectuals.

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