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An outline of NFP: Goals and Tasks

2005-06-08 17:26:00 COC Website

    2. Goals and Tasks

    D) The goals to be achieved by the National Fitness Programme by the year 2010 are: to endeavour to carry out the balanced development of sports with the national economy and social undertakings, to realize the overall improvement of the nation's physique and health, and a basic establishment of a national fitness system with Chinese characteristics.

    E) To meet the needs of the second-stage strategic objective of the socialist modernization drive, energetic efforts must be made to develop national fitness undertakings. By the end of this century, the number of people regularly taking part in sporting activities will be increased in all localities with different levels of economic, social and sporting development; the people's physique will be markedly improved; more time and money will be spent on sport and exercise by the people; and the environment and facilities for sports and fitness activities will be improved within a wide range.

    F) To meet the needs of the socialist market economy, the reform of sports must be deepened. By the end of the century, a national fitness management system fitting the socialist market economy system will have been preliminarily established, an operating mechanism being full of vitality with wide participation will have been preliminarily formed, and a basic framework will have been established for a socialized, scientific, industrialized and legally-based national fitness system.

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