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An Outline of the National Fitness Programme of China (June 1995)

2005-06-08 17:25:00 COC Website

    This Outline has been drawn up with a view to promoting mass sporting activities on an extensive scale, improving the people's physique, and spurring the socialist modernization of our country.

    1. The Current Situation

    A) New China has achieved a great success in the field of sports during the 40 years and more since its foundation. Mass sporting activities have vigorously developed, involving an ever increasing number of people. The people's physique and health conditions are now much better than before. The building of national fitness has received ever-increasing attention and support from the public. Mass sporting activities have never been so rich and varied in form and content. Material conditions for carrying out mass sports and fitness building activities have steadily improved. Sports have played a more and more remarkable role in improving our people's overall attributes and in promoting our country's socialist material, cultural and ideological progress.

    B) At present, our country's economic construction and social development are making new, higher demands on our people's overall attributes. Yet the existing state of national fitness building is still falling short of the needs of socialist modernization. Sports consciousness among the public still leaves much to be desired. The scope of participation in mass sports has yet to be enlarged, and the number of regular participants in physical exercises is still rather limited. Much remains to be done in opening the existing sports grounds and facilities to the public so as to meet the people's demands for physical excises. The scientific and technological means for building national fitness and for its supervision and management are still rather backward, and some regulations in this regard are far from perfect. A national fitness management system and operational mechanism are being explored, being suitable for the socialist market economy. All these problems need to be resolved step by step in the course of economic and social development.

    C) In order to further improve the people's physique to meet the requirements of our socialist modernization, effective measures must be adopted for implementing the National Fitness Programme and promoting mass sports.

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