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Olympic Day Run in Chinese Taipei

2014-06-11 10:19:00 OCA

The special runner (left one), CHEN Jibin, who suffers from cerebral palsy, 
challenged himself with the 2.5 km and finished the length.

10 Jun 2014, Taipei: For 27 consecutive years, the Chinese Taipei NOC celebrated the Olympic Day by holding the Olympic Day Run on Sunday, June 8, with a record attendance of 11,200 professional and amateur runners, along with a special campaign to raise money for various charity groups in New Taipei City where the run was held.

The run was sounded off at 5:30 am in New Taipei City Civic Plaza by CTOC President Hong-Dow LIN, Mayor of New Taipei City Mr. Li-lun CHU, Director-General of Sport Administration of Ministry of Education Dr. Jwo-Fei HO and representatives from sponsoring agencies.

The run was highlighted by a 6-minute Tai-chi exercise performed by over 1,000 adults and children on site in the 5-color Olympic Ring model.

The race included 7 age groups for men, 6 age groups for women in 21km race and 1 fun run group without age and gender discretion in 2.5km race. There was a special runner, CHEN Jibin, who suffers from cerebral palsy, took the initiative to enroll in 2.5 km race to challenge himself. CHEN was happy to be able to run on the main road of New Taipei City and satisfied with his own performance.

All the runners ran in T-shirts of five Olympic Ring colors to render the Run an atmosphere of vigor and fun. The Tai-chi players, also dressed in 5-color T-shirts, performed their act at 7 a.m. both to entertain the runners and to mark the significance of the Olympic Movement.

CTOC also contributed on spot NT$.1 million to the charity fund set up by New Taipei Government for the needy in the municipality, for which CTOC President received a letter of gratitude from Mayor Li-lun Chu.

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