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Mongolia NOC celebrates Olympic Day in Ulaanbaatar

2014-07-24 09:44:00 OCA

23 Jul 2014 - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: Mongolia NOC celebrated Olympic Day at Ulaanbaatar National Youth Park by inviting Mr E Badar-Uugan, Mongolia's first Olympic champion and boxing legend, Olympic medal winners, Olympians, National Sports Federations and distinguished guests. The NOC launched a Torch Relay in cooperation with the Mongolian Border Defence Board and the torch will pass along 7,000 km of the border in order to promote Olympism.

Also, all the Olympic medal winners united to donate from their annual Olympic stipendium, alocated by the Mongolian Government, for social welfare and Olympic education activities.

The NOC organised several contests among 200 schoolchildren entitled "Who can make the best Olympic olive wreath?" and "Who can make the best medals when Mongolia is the host for the Olympic Games?"

Mr Sh Magvan, IOC Hon Member, Dr D Zagdsuren, NOC President, and other distinguished guests attended the events.

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