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Sport for All: From Theory to Action

2013-04-18 09:35:00 IOC

17/04/2013 - The IOC World Conference on Sport for All is an international forum for those active in the field to share their ideas and their programmes designed to get people moving. The 15th edition of the conference will take place in Lima, Peru from 24 to 27 April and a strong line-up of speakers has been assembled to ensure the workshops and discussions are as enriching as possible.

Practical Sessions
The conference is also offering practical session, led by guest speakers all with a wealth of hands-on experience, which provide a more interactive experience and tackle the practical challenges around Sport for All and community engagement.

The four practical sessions cover the following themes:
· Increasing resources and profiles
· Programme delivery
· Volunteerism
· Monitoring and evaluation

Increasing Resources and Profiles
How does one raise one’s profile and get sponsors or funding for Sport for All initiatives or community projects? Nick Keller, Founder of Beyond Sport, a global organisation that promotes, develops and supports the use of sport to create positive social change across the world, looks at exploring existing advantages – one’s network, reach or credibility. He will also present the Shared Value model – and how sustainable community engagement can fulfill business and strategic objectives: from participation levels to sponsorship to media coverage.

Programme Delivery
Pratik Kumar, of Magic Bus, a non-governmental organisation which currently touches over 200,000 children across India through programmes that use sport as a means to community development, will lead the practical session on Programme Delivery. He will share his experience in how to maximize resources, such as staff, knowledge of a sport or one’s network to enhance participation and maximize social impact.

Many not-for-profit sports initiatives rely on volunteers for their programmes. Paul Caccamo from Up2Us, which supports youth development programmes that use sports to improve the lives of kids across the United States, will look at the challenges of having a volunteer run organisation and the more practical issues of how to attract, train and retain volunteers.

Monitoring and Evaluation
This session will look at the importance of monitoring, measuring and evaluating the impact of community projects. Andy Caldwell from Co-Create, will showcase toolkits that can be used and give tips on how to implement those in different ways or with different budgets. Co-Create Consultancy specialises in helping organisations create social impact and commercial value through partnerships.

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