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The first triathlon was held on Fiesta Island, California, USA in 1974 as the San Diego University Track Club ventured into new forms of instilling interest in their training programme while inventing “cross-over training” at the same time.

As the ultimate endurance test, triathlon requires athletes to excel at the three “classic sports” of swimming, cycling and running.

The sport requires intense training and discipline at the elite level; many people participate in triathlons because it fits in with a healthy lifestyle. They’re able to train while still pursuing careers and families.

Triathlon made its Olympic debut at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney after it was awarded full medal status six years earlier at the IOC congress in Paris. The international popularity of triathlon really started to grow after its inclusion on the Olympic programme. By 2003, ITU’s World Cup circuit expanded to 18 races in 14 different countries.

Chinese Triathlon Association

Founded: 1990

Headquarters: Beijing

ITU member since: 1990

President: Gu Yaoming

Secretary-General: Wang Jianguo






Technical Commission

Referees Commission

Coaches Commission

Athletes Commission

Medical & Scientific Research Commission

Press & Publicity Commission

Clubs Commission

Women & Youth Commission

Link: International Tranthlon Federation (ITU)


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