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A means of transport since antiquity, the competitive sport of sailing is a unique combination of athleticism, skill and technology used to harness the power of the wind and waves.

Sailing was first contested as an Olympic sport in Paris in 1900, although the race format and the classes of competing boats have changed significantly since then reflecting the global spread of the sport as sailing has become more accessible around the world. Olympic racing is now conducted with boats categorised into one-design classes based on similar weights and measurements.

Chinese Sailing Association

Founded: 1981

Headquarters: Beijing

ISAF Member since:

President: ZHANG Faqiang

Secretary-General: LI Quanhai

Add: C3 Longtanxi Road, Chongwen District, Beijing 100061, China

Tex: (8610) 67113677

Fax: (8610) 67112793

E-mail: lquanhai@public3.bta.net.cn


Technical Commission

Judges Commission

Scientific Research Commission

Press Commission

Brief introduction:

A national mass sports organization and member of the All-China Sports Federation, originally under the Chinese Sporting Ships Association. In 1981 the Chinese Yachting Association was founded separately, which was renamed Chinese Sailing Association in 1986. Its highest organ of power is the CSAA National Committee, and the secretariat is in charge of the administration work.

Link: International Sailing Federation (ISAF)

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