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Modern Pentathlon

2008-11-03 14:21:00 COC Website


The sport of Modern Pentathlon has been called the “true Olympic sport” and the “sport that most accurately conveys the ideals of Olympism.” It has a long and distinguished history; with its unique Olympic foundation it’s understandable that there are many facets that define and comprise this sport. From its leadership role in the Olympic movement, to the statutes and rules that guide its operation, to the organization that keeps it moving progressively forward, Modern Pentathlon, represented in all corners of the world, is steeped in culture and cultivated in the Olympic spirit.

Modern Pentathlon is an educational sport. This was the primary wish of its creator, Pierre de Coubertin. A complete sport, on the physical side - Swimming & Running are the basic disciplines; on the mental side – Shooting requires stress control and a precise technique; on the intellectual side – Fencing requires adaptability and intelligence; Riding an unknown horse requires a mix of adaptability, self-control and courage.

During the past years the number of countries and continents achieving medals at World Championships has dramatically increased. Modern Pentathlon is already included in Regional Games such as Asian Games, Pan American Games, Central American and Caribbean Games. As membership continues to grow, plans are to be included also in Balkan Games, Mediterranean Games, etc.

Chinese Modern Pentathlon Association

Founded: 1984

Headquarters: Beijing

UIPM Member since: 1986

President: Cai Jiadong

Secretary-General: Zhang Bin

Add: 15 Laoshanxi Street, Shijingshan District, Beijing 100043, China

Tel: (8610) 68862590

Fax: (8610) 68862596


Link: International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM)

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