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Bicycles were first developed in 1817and have long since been used as a form of transport. Originally, the front wheel was much larger than the rear wheel, and the rider was elevated a great deal, making them difficult to control and very dangerous. In 1885, J.K. Starley of England devised the more modern bike with a chain and gearing to allow the wheels to be of equal size. Although bicycle races had been held on the old "penny farthings", the new bikes stimulated the growth of bicycle racing as a sport.

Cycling at the Olympics features four exciting disciplines: road, track, mountain biking and bmx.

Chinese Cycling Association

Founded: 1959

Headquarters: Beijing

UCI member since:

President: CAI Jiadong

Add: 15 Laoshanxi Street, Shijingshan District, Beijing 100043, China

Tex: (8610) 68862589




Judges Commission

Coaches Commission

Brief introduction:

A national mass sports organization and member of the All-China Sports Federation. Its highest organ of power is the CCA National Committee, the executive organ is the Standing Committee, and the office, foreign affairs department and training department are in charge of the administration work.

Link: International Cycling Union (UCI)

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