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Here the "basket" denotes one carried on a player's back as distinguished from the ring and net fixed on a backboard in modern basketball. It is a common tool for carrying fagots, quarry, small goods for sale, and indeed anything to be transported from one place to another, especially over a rugged land inaccessible by a hand barrow. At the same time it is used as a vehicle of love, as among the Gaoshans in Taiwan Province, who throw betel nuts into the basket on a girl's back when making an amorous developed into a team sport among different national minorities with different projectiles and playing rules, though more or less on the pattern of modern basketball. For the zhuangs in Guangxi, a red card is put in one of the team's five baskets and a yellow card in the others, without the carriers'knowledge about which colour is the card in their own. Only a shot of the ball---usually a bag of sand---into the basket with the red card is awarded a point. For the Huis living in Beijing, who call the game "hunters' ball"

because the baskets were originally used to carry quarry in hunting, each team consists of only four baskets numbered 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 corresponding to the number of points awarded to a goal made in it by the opposite side. Matches are very exciting as the baskets are always on the move.

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