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2008-11-05 16:34:00 COC Website


A 700-year-old game among the Dongs in Hunan Province based on rice-growers'movements when throwing and receiving bundles of seedings to be planted in paddy fields. The shuttlecock may be made of fresh grass, straw or reed. But the best kind is made of cock's feathers fixed on a base of dried melon skin and decorated with coins and beads which produce a pleasant tingling sound when in flight. It is played with hands instead of feet or rackets between two teams of an indefinite number of players, with one standing in the middle to intercept the cock. In case of a successful interception, it is the other side's turn to field a "middleman," whose movements are remindful of a badminton player. Girls will turn their back against a young man who does not know how to play this game.

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