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Straw Ball

2008-11-05 16:36:00 COC Website


A game among the Hezhens in Heilongjiang Province, who live mainly on fishing. Legend has it that long long ago, a fisherman would bring hoe a good catch every day. But his wife complained that all the fish were covered with big holes made by his fork on the skin, out of which she could only make defective garments. The husband worked very hard to improve his forking skill on bundles of straw until he could hit every fish right on the fins without damaging the skin. At last the villagers have developed his exercises into a game between two teams of three on a 40mX7m court divided intop eight zones by seven lines 2.5m above the ground. A straw ball is served by hand to be received with a wooden fork. The side which fails to receive it withdraws to the next zone and loses one point when this happens in the end zone. So this is somewhat like the modern game of volleyball.

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