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Firecracker Ball

2008-11-05 16:36:00 COC Website


Also called "Chinese-style rugby" because of its resemblances to this Western sport. But the ball is a ring 5cm in diameter put into play by the referee who sends it skyward through the exploding force of a firecracker. It is caught by a player during its descent to the ground and passed to his teammates, and a point is scored when it is put into a basket at the end of the field, just like a touchdown in American football. The most interesting part of the game is that a player may pretend to be holding the small ring in his hand as a tactic to distract the opponents away from his teammate who is actually in possession of it. With a history of 500 years, this game enjoys growing popularity among the Tongs and some other ethnic groups in southern china. Today it is played between two teams of eleven on a standard court 60m long and 50m wide. The playing code has undergone many revisions with reference to rugby. There's still much room for improvement, especially with regard to avoidance of injuries caused by personal fouls.

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