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Chinese Wushu Association

2003-11-14 17:06:00

Founded: November 1958
Headquarters: Beijing
IWUF Member since: 1990

President: LI Zhijian
Secretary-General: YAN Jianchang

Add: 3 Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China
Tel: (+86 10) 64912233
Fax: (+86 10) 64912151
E-mail: iwuf@wushu.com.cn

Coaches Commission
Judges Commission
Scientif Research Commission
Press Commission
Business Development Commission
Traditional Martial Arts Commission

Brief Introduction:
For the purpose of building up the people's health and carrying forward China's cultural heritage, the Chinese Wushu Association is making effort to promote the traditional martial arts of wushu, both at home and abroad. Seminars and competitions are held on a regular basis. Wushu masters and experts have unearthed and revived numerous ancient forms and routines and worked out a number of new ones - such as simplified taijiquan and changquan ABC - for wider participation. Wushu associations have been set up to govern this all-important sport for all and put it on a more solid and wholesome foundation for rapaid development.

International Wushu Federation

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